Our School Canteen is operated by H&H Canteens under the management of Jenni Burgess.

H&H believes that choosing a variety of foods in moderation from the menu together with regular physical activity are essential ingredients for good health.

Please advise our canteen management of any special dietary needs and requirements.

Our School also offers an online canteen ordering service, Our Online Canteen. This service is accessible through the .

is a free service for parents and aims to simplify the canteen process; you can place a lunch order online prior to 8:30am for an order that day, removing the need for your child to take money to school.

To sign up:
1. Go to the Register Page
2. Fill in the form and select Submit
3. You will receive an email with instructions to confirm your email address and activate your account

To get started:
1. Enter your Login and Password to enter the website.
2. Select the “Add student” tab. Make sure to fill out all your child’s details before selecting “Next”
3. Select the “Add credit” tab to add credit to your account.
4. Select the “Add order” tab to add an order.

To order:
1. Select child
2. Select date
3. Select the meals you would like to order and add them to the order
4. Confirm the order or if you have more than one child, click “Confirm and Place New Order” Tab.

Once you have confirmed the order, you will receive a confirmation email from Our Online Canteen. You can also double check your order by clicking either the “Active Orders” tab or the “Transaction History” tab. If you have any issues or concerns, or have any queries, please email Our Online Canteen at or call 1300 11 66 37. If you have any meal related issues, please contact the School.

Lunch orders can be picked up from the designated canteen window.